Friday, February 18, 2005

What's a well-bred gal to do?

Camilla's clearly a gal with foresight, a gal not to be underestimated. She saw the writing was on the wall for one of her hobbies. Marriage imminent, (though not amid Windsor Castle's sumptuousness because some obscure English law would kick into effect if she did which would allow any pesky commoner who wanted to also marry amid the castle's sumptuousness for the next three years to do so, and Lizzie, a woman renowned for her frugality, won't have her carpets soiled) Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will thus be far to hideously busy launching ships and opening new wings at crumbling NHS hospitals to protest the new law banning fox-hunting. Yes, incredible as it sounds, the Brits have banned one of their ancient sport, not quite 'the sport of kings', but pretty damned close judging by the outraged plummy accents venting on Brit telly last night.

After a twenty year fight, the sensible Brits have proved their staying power and won the battle waged with those members of the aristocracy, upper-middle classes, and barely tolerated nouveau riche--which includes all American acceptees--who hunt. No longer will they be able to sip their sherries atop their impeccable steeds before the cry of "Tally-Ho". Now, all well-bred debutantes anxious to show off their prowess and snare a gentleman will simply have to take up, er, well, show-jumping or train for Ascot, I don't think breeding greyhounds and running them would work.

So another remnant of old Britain bites the dust. But the battle's not quite over yet. I heard one wizened, angry old bird, the mother of the Mistress of the Hunt, remark, "Thaare's nothing for it. We'll simply have to ignore the law and practice civil disobedience."

Good grief! The stanchions of English society resorting to such undignified behaviour. Britain is changing, really it is.

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