Monday, January 30, 2017

One Million Brits say 'no'

One million Britons have signed a petition to rescind Donald Trump's visit to the UK. That is extraordinary. Most likely that figure will grow exponentially. As it grows, the pressure on Theresa May and her government is going to grow and become unbearable. If it does go ahead, he'd better develop a thick skin because he's in for a taste of British dislike and that is loud and not pretty. I think within a year most of Europe will vote not to allow him entry and he may not be allowed. We are in unprecedented times.

Profile of Justice at Work

A former prosecutor become judge who's determined to administer true justice.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Listening-A dying art?

Since the election, I've made a decision to listen to a great cross-section of news shows and read different news sources. One TV show I'm now enjoying getting information from is Michael Smercornish The Michael Smerconish Program on CNN. He presents both sides and assumes his audience is intelligent. He said something very true this morning. He said we all need to listen to other opinions other than the ones we support. To only listen to those whose opinions are the same as ours is Pavlovian.