Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here we go again

Small minded parents are ganging on on their former pin-up girl Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana.

The fifteen year old heroine of the eight-year-olds to tweens had the temerity to pose in a more grown-up setting for Vanity Fair. She was photographed by Annie Liebowitz, yeah, she of asking the Queen to remove her tiara as it would look different--and I've seen the photo and it's not porn. Neither is it slutty or titillating.

She's fifteen and becoming a woman. She's got to make the transition or risk being seen as Shirley Temple for the rest of her life or...dare I say it... be written off as a child star.

Give her a break.

Unfortunately, given that she'd predicted to be a billionaire by 2010, her business people and Disney who produce Hannah Montana are back-pedaling in an attempt to save her image and their INVESTMENT. They've got to her parents (who were on set during the photo shoot.) They're trying to deny it and say Vanity Fair took advantage. This despite the fact she posed in a much odder position with Daddy Cyrus. I appeal to them not to risk being hypocritical or forgo their thirst for dollars, admit they liked the photos, that they are artistic and just tell the small-minded they need to get a bloody life.

We'll see. This is America. Almighty dollar rules.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Out, out foul Netscape

It all happened yesterday.

I've been using a Mac for two years now but was terrified to migrate my email from Netscape to Firebird's Thunderbird, a free e-mail application for Mac Users. The Netscape version I've been using is a fossil because I've been terrified to move to updated versions for the same reason--because when I updated to Netscape 7.1 on my PC system, it didn't transfer my email and I had to start over again. The old stuff is still floating in Cyber space. I was terrified because I thought I'd lose all my emails and contact addresses. Maybe a good thing!!

So yesterday, I tried to send an email and the Netscape system kept asking me for my 'out' mail password. And when I punched in my usual password, it wouldn't recognize it. To make things even more aggravating, I was getting emails.

So over an hour later, my interet provider was confounded and couldn't fathom what the problem was.

It's your Mac," she said as a cop-out. "We can't do anything more. Sorry."

Lazy, uninterested bitch!!

With nothing left to do, I installed Thunderbird, waited with crossed fingers and toes as it stated on the screen "migrating files" or something like that. Twenty minutes later, a brand new email layout appeared AND all my old emails were there.

Hooray. So I promptly got rid of the last reminder of my PC days by deleting Netscape. I am now a proud and utter fan of Mac and Firebird and Thunderbird.

Netscape R.I.P

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Snippets from Manhattan yesterday

Walking along Third Avenue, two women yakking behind me.

"Well, that was great. We'll have to meet for lunch again soon."
"Yeah, I really enjoyed it. We must."
"What are you doing round August?"

At the Citibank main office on Lexington, I come across a pilot strike.
There were about 100 American Airlines pilots dressed in crisp uniforms and carrying placards and slotting schedules. Apparently, they want more money and shares.

Then further down the street, a picket. I come across some men standing beside a huge (twelve) foot rubber rat. It was a local maintenance union on strike outside their building.
Who would want a rat as a mascot? Hardly endearing or guaranteed to elicit New Yorkers sympathy, I'd say.

A sign of the times--the homeless are beginning to be very visible. At the Port Authority where I board the bus home, there was a man sleeping on the tile floor nearby. As I watched, I couldn't help but wonder what happened in his life that he's now on the streets in the wealthiest city in the world. Unfortunate thing is there's going to be a lot of homeless if the economy keeps gooing south.

And finally, a glimmer the recession may not last as long as some fear. All around the city, there are new highrises going up--and, if the advertising is to be believed--over seventy percent of the new luxury apartments in some of them are already sold.

An eerie sight now presents as one is leaving NYC via the Lincoln Tunnel. As the bus snakes around the ramp leading to I78, one is treated to magnificent views of Manhattan including two shimmering highrises that have been recently erected in mid-town. They resemble small versions of the twin towers and one's thoughts are immediately taken back to that terrible day. I wonder if the architect designed that deliberately or if the building were designed and approved years before 9/11.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Inundated Pennsylvania

Help!! Help!!

We are being inundated with ads for Hilary and Barack here in Pennsylvania.
And people who've never put out campaign posters--the ones you stick into the ground--are doing it in legions. Well, maybe not legions, but you get the idea.

It's exciting to be a pivotal state--or is that commonwealth?--but really this is quite ridiculous.

I'm expecting to see Hillary or Obama walking along my road any day, or even that they pop into the 'Y' (Hilary in leotards!) for a quick spin on the elliptical between appearances.

Have to admit I like Barack's logo. It's very fresh, very hip, very 'change'. Hope it's not a fad, though.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Busy, busy...

I'm currently very busy with the final chapters of the new novel--was going to post this yesterday and then realized it was April Fool's Day--and it's coming in at about 83,000 words. My writer's group have reviewed most of it and have given excellent feedback. Now comes another edit.

Having difficulty coming up with a title as its set in London and NYC--working title is now Big Smoke, Big Apple:A Transatlantic Tale

I want to get it to my agent by the third week of April so he and members of his team can read it and, hopefully, they'll like it as is and it'll go on submission.

Also, working hard at the gym--summer's round the corner after all.

My sister Siobhan and her hubby and kids--well David is not a kid any longer since he's gone off to university--are coming out for a visit in July so that'll be fun. (Do wish David had have gone to the LSE though--I was so excited when he got accepted to do accountancy, which i think sounds boring but then he thinks the same about law--'cos I'd have a place to stay when I visit London.