Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here we go again

Small minded parents are ganging on on their former pin-up girl Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana.

The fifteen year old heroine of the eight-year-olds to tweens had the temerity to pose in a more grown-up setting for Vanity Fair. She was photographed by Annie Liebowitz, yeah, she of asking the Queen to remove her tiara as it would look different--and I've seen the photo and it's not porn. Neither is it slutty or titillating.

She's fifteen and becoming a woman. She's got to make the transition or risk being seen as Shirley Temple for the rest of her life or...dare I say it... be written off as a child star.

Give her a break.

Unfortunately, given that she'd predicted to be a billionaire by 2010, her business people and Disney who produce Hannah Montana are back-pedaling in an attempt to save her image and their INVESTMENT. They've got to her parents (who were on set during the photo shoot.) They're trying to deny it and say Vanity Fair took advantage. This despite the fact she posed in a much odder position with Daddy Cyrus. I appeal to them not to risk being hypocritical or forgo their thirst for dollars, admit they liked the photos, that they are artistic and just tell the small-minded they need to get a bloody life.

We'll see. This is America. Almighty dollar rules.

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