Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Busy, busy...

I'm currently very busy with the final chapters of the new novel--was going to post this yesterday and then realized it was April Fool's Day--and it's coming in at about 83,000 words. My writer's group have reviewed most of it and have given excellent feedback. Now comes another edit.

Having difficulty coming up with a title as its set in London and NYC--working title is now Big Smoke, Big Apple:A Transatlantic Tale

I want to get it to my agent by the third week of April so he and members of his team can read it and, hopefully, they'll like it as is and it'll go on submission.

Also, working hard at the gym--summer's round the corner after all.

My sister Siobhan and her hubby and kids--well David is not a kid any longer since he's gone off to university--are coming out for a visit in July so that'll be fun. (Do wish David had have gone to the LSE though--I was so excited when he got accepted to do accountancy, which i think sounds boring but then he thinks the same about law--'cos I'd have a place to stay when I visit London.

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