Monday, April 22, 2013

Updated via Twitter

I've added a Twitter widget and this blog will be updated only by live twitter feeds. Occasionally I'll add a post in the form of film or book reviews or something that moves me. But the era of blogging has passed and I much prefer Twitter and its 140 characters. Concentrates the mind.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Guest on Caroline Smailes Blog

Novelist Caroline Smailes invited me to do a guest spot on her blog so I wrote about the challenges of writing a screenplay out of a novel. Here's the link

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

YA and this adult reader

Just finished reading The Hunger Games. I loved it. And that's saying something because YA is not something I read. I couldn't even get past page 20 of the first Harry Potter but did watch the movies. I think The Hunger Games appealed because it's lean and focused in that it gets to the main conflict quickly and doesn't lose track throughout the narrative. It also helps that the characters are relateable and the plot's set in the real world, albeit that it's in the future and has some futuristic qualities. I think that's why it's appealing to a wide audience that includes adults.

Good story that's suspenseful. Good characters.

Looking forward to tucking into Book 2.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm a guest on Strictly Writing Blog

I was invited by Gillian McDade (we're both from Northern Ireland) of the excellent Strictly Writing Blog to be a guest so I wrote a piece for it.

It's about writing a second novel after all the hoop-la of getting published settles down.

Here's the post.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Author Patricia Wood's comment on my new novel

Twisted Agendas has been published recently in UK and Ireland and it's going really well. I had a great interview on BBC Radio Ulster's Arts Extra. Marie Louise Muir posed some tough questions about my work that kept me on my toes.

Very excited because of this gorgeous praise from Patricia Wood whose novel Lottery was shortlisted for UK's Orange Broadband prize.

Here's what she says.

In Twisted Agendas, Damian McNicholl has created a compelling and entertaining romp through other people's inter-tangled lives. All Danny wants to do is strike out on his own in London but from the very moment his path crosses with Piper's nothing is what it seems. From terrorists to lovers to meddling fathers, Damian deftly weaves comic misunderstandings with a larger more ominous theme of authority going slightly mad. Once I started reading I could not put Twisted Agendas down for a moment until I reached the satisfying conclusion. This is a novel that book clubs will certainly want to read and discuss."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chopping Wood and return of Hornet

A tree feel near our house last week as a result of the violent storms we've been having of late. I was up in the office and heard it crash on the ground.
So, when a tree falls in the forest--yes, it can be heard, Virginia.

Spent yesterday and today cutting it and chopping it into pieces for firewood. It felt really good to do that kind of exercise as opposed to working my ass off on an elliptical at the Y.

On the subject of the Y, it's looking brilliant as a result of its multi-million dollar facelift. My old nemesis, the Hornet, continues to ride rough shod and hog the latest equipment. She's working out too hard now and is looking like one of Tom Wolfe's Social X-Rays. Still as rude as ever. As I just finished a 50 min session on fat burner mode (yes, 50 mins) on my (and her) favorite elliptical, she approached as I was wiping down the machine. She got on, opened her magazine without even a thank you and then said "The floor has a lot of your sweat on it, too." She peered down at it bug-eyed.

I looked at it, looked at her, looked at it again. "Keep your voice down," I said. "The others'll be jealous if they find out." And off I walked to the hoots of laughter of a lady nearby.