Thursday, February 10, 2005

A puppy's story

Last night my friend Brian, the owner of two mini wieners whom he calls 'The Girls' called in distress to tell me about another dachshund puppy that has been diagnosed with some kind of disease that will cause it to go permanently blind in a few months. He heard this from a friend of the puppy's owners who, having paid a dachshund breeder and taken ownership and thus bonded with him, were annoyed their dog was substandard. In addition, these people informed their friend that they were far too busy in their careers to take care of a blind dog. It would be too much trouble, notwithstanding any idiot knows dogs function admirably without sight owing to their keen sense of smell. The breeder offered to give them a new puppy and take the other one back, the second part of the offer being a euphemism for we all know what. They accepted, but their friend and Brian persuaded them to hold off giving their 'defective' dog back to the breeder because they are determined to find him a home.

As the owner of Spice, a sixteen-year-old standard-sized Cockerpoo who's deaf and going blind and whom I'm crazy about, the news caused me to reflect on the selfishness of people who want an animal in their lives but none of the inconvenience. It's clear these two amoral professionals view their puppy as they do chattel. I hope they're not parents. If they are and one of their offspring becomes seriously ill, will they cut off the bonds and hope it goes back quickly to its original maker, or dump it in a nursing home all expenses paid and continue on with their precious careers. There's an old, old Yorkshire saying that goes: "There's nowt queer as folk."

When the puppy finds a home, I'll let you know.

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