Friday, February 25, 2005

Riverdance excitement

Just under a fortnight and I'll be charging up to NYC for an event I've been looking forward to ever since I bought the tickets while at Radio City for the Rockettes extravaganza. Aha, I went to see the Rockettes and, yes, I enjoyed it..the dancing, the camels and magi montage, everything. I like glitz, occasionally. Look, I wouldn't go to see it again, but it's definitely an aspect of American life that all foreigners, regardless of age, should experience.

In a little under two weeks I shall attend the 10th anniversary presentation of 'Riverdance.' I've only seen the original on the telly, jolly old PBS at that, and I'm anxious to see how it stands up in reality. In addition, as an adorable eight-year-old, I was an Irish dancer in Derry...and a very competitive, jealous little dancer to boot, so I'm doubly interested. Normally I 'cleaned up,' as they say in Ireland. I won every local award in Irish dancing that was possible to win, and if I didn't, why, I pouted and huffed. I was also Mrs. McLaughlin's--the dancing instructor--favorite and was just delighted to wear my knee-length emerald kilt, clamp my hands against my sides, and dance my little buns off for her.

Unfortunately, my dancing days came to an abrupt halt when I was ten. I was appearing at a major local competition, doing a reel with a number of little girls in perfectly starched pinafores and shiny shoes, and no one told me the stage floor was wet and to be careful. Apparently, someone had been boiling water for the tea taht was served prior to the concert's beginning--for no logical reason they boiled the water on the stage in my local community center at that time--and, as I was doing a particularly complex maneuver, I slipped and fell on those little buns. Embarrassment did me in that evening, stage fright subsequently, and no amount of dire threats from my mother could force me to resume dancing and further stock her mahogany semi-circular trophy cabinet.

So, I'm looking forward to Riverdance and, undoubtedly, will think as I scrutinize the line-up that I might have been part of such a troupe in another life.

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