Thursday, February 24, 2005

Grams and ounces, kilos and pounds

Mother and Siobhan's weight-shedding continues joyously unabated. In fact, Mum was recently on a jaunt through the Internet doing a bit of research and decided to stop by my blog to give it the once over. Overall, it passed muster, but she did allege my post about the weight reduction club she and my sister attend contains a slight inaccuracy. So to set the record straight, I add the following: upon each 7 pound shedding, in addition to receiving a shiny, black stone, the happy recipient is awarded a 'Silver Seven' pin. As its name suggests, it is in the shape of the number 7. It is also burnished, though is 'far too tinny' and feels 'far too feathery' in the palm of her hand to be of any quality. Thus, I can state with certainty that it will not be sported in public, except on those evenings the two attend their meetings.

Mum has also been most generous, albeit spurred by my insistence, and sent me an official booklet of the permitted and forbidden foodstuffs flanking her path to reform. When it arrived, at a cursory glance while sipping my customary chardonnay that evening, I noted immediately that many of my favorite nibbles and beverages would be relegated to 'occasional' or 'treat' status. Nevertheless, I shall give this whole business a whirl as I am determined to similarly reform, though I can already foresee problems because everything in Britain and Ireland is now measured in grams and kilograms and my head is already fatigued trying to do tedious conversions. Onward!

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