Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Private Airbus's and Paris Clones

A Saudi Prince--there are 6000 princes in the desert kingdom, which makes them as ubiquitous as vice-presidents of corporations in the US--has purchased the new A380, the largest flying airplane in the world built by Airbus. Apparently, he wants to use it as a flying palace, though if people wish to visit some of his Middle-East residences and vacation resorts (according to Diana Sawyer's interview on Good Morning America) they'll have to use his other jet with its gold-lined sinks and white mink duvets.

The chappie is the richest man in the world and has many investments throughout the world, including the US, and is dead progressive because he lobbies for women to be allowed to engage in commerce and wear Western clothing. He also wants "almost all" people to have good opportunities, though it was not determined who did not qualify. From what I could reckon, his philosophy thus seems to be something akin to the "elephant must be eaten in small chunks", though there is no mention to any desire to bring an end to the large chunk of autocratic rule by that country's monarchy and instituting democracy.

However, he must be applauded somewhat for his tenuous moves in the right and enlightened direction.

As an aside, we were treated to views of some of the decor in his residences and, from what I could see, they looked a trifle tacky, especially an area or compound--or perhaps "county" is the more fitting word--that is designed to resemble a country in Africa with its abundance of stuffed wildlife that seemed to include adult lions, antelope, etc.

Speaking of tacky, Paris Hilton is in Philly this evening. No, it isn't to do a charity event, sadly. It appears her promise to turn around her life and do good is, just that--a promise. She was in Macy's to launch yet another fragrance.

It was quite astonishing to watch the line of Paris Clones waiting for their Goddess to appear--there were at least a bushel of bleached blondes. When interviewed, all spoke in awe of the huge talent and importance of this wonderful actress and how educational The Simple Life reality show was,
how it had changed their lives. Most startling of all was how they all finished their monologues with a nervous titter, a sort of baby gurgle minus the spit bubbles.

And they say cloning is illegal in the United States.


t said...

"which makes them as ubiquitous as vice-presidents of corporations in the US" - love it. beautiful line.
I haven't been back to read you since your Brokeback mountain review of early '06.

damian said...

Thanks, t

Glad you stopped by