Monday, November 26, 2007

The height of barbarity

Following up on my post about the Saudi prince who bought one of the new mammoth Airbus's, he and any other enlightened captains of industry over there now have a splendid opportunity to speak up and demand their country effects real change to better the lot of women and every day Saudi citizens.

A married woman and a male she was riding in a car with were both attacked by a band of thugs who pulled them from their car and raped both of them. Yes, that's right--the man as well as the woman. The female victim's punishment will be 200 lashes and a six-month prison sentence.


She broke the law because she was in the company of a man who was not a male family member.

So the prince and others can now deal with a concrete and pertinent issue of justice and not wax on about how it takes time to change his country and America took years before they gave women the vote, yada, yada, yada. That argument is disingenuous and Westerners are not gullible as you seem to believe we are.

The fact America changed should be a catalyst, NOT a reason for obfuscation by men who're making millions a minute. Until Saudi Arabia changes, it can only be regarded as a barbaric kingdom.

And the current American administration should be ashamed. Many serving in its highest echelons wear their religion as a banner and reason to attack others with whom they disagree, yet they do not speak out when it is right and proper to do so. The current reason goes, 'it might upset the Saudis and cause them to pull out of the Israeli-Palestinian meeting scheduled tomorrow in Annapolis.' Horseshit. Nothing concrete is expected to come out of that meeting. At least the Canadian government had the balls to say the woman's punishment is barbaric.

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