Saturday, November 04, 2006

I didn't inhale

It seems fitting I would give my ten cents worth on the recent scandal involving Ted Haggard, who's the president of the U.S. National Association of Evangelicals and senior pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Not to do so would risk me being hypocritical because my comments on the Catholic church in this regard are already known.

Basically Ted romped with a handsome gay escort called Mike Jones and asked him to procure two hundred dollars worth of crystal meth--a drug which apparantly increases sexual pleasure during coitus--over a period of three years despite being a married man and father of five children. When meeting for trysts, he went by the name of Art and they discussed many topics including his antipathy toward the homosexual lifestyle and his strong opposition to gay marriage and civil unions--which he even made known personally to our current President. While surfing late at night on TV, Mr. Jones was apparantly flabbergasted to come across his 'John' pontificating and praising God and Jesus on a Christian channel.

It is to Mr. Jones' credit that he decided to come forward because he could not stomach the hypocricy of this self-appointed man of God. He openly admits he was being political in exposing this man and thereby hoping to effect the outcome of a Colorado ballad initiative aimed at excluding the institution of marriage to gay people, an initiative Mr. Haggard was actively campaigning for.

It is unacceptable for any person to attempt to destroy and trample on the rights of any law abiding human including gays and lesbians, and doubly so if the attacker is a closet homosexual (Mark Foley) or a married man or woman full of selfloathing and/or living a clandestine gay or lesbian or bisexual lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are many such persons. It is just and proper that this man be exposed.

Haggard will now have a great deal of explaining to do to his congregation, wife and children. He has stated he did order the drugs, but threw them away as soon as he got them...oh, and yes, he also admits he was with a gay escort but did not inhale...I mean, shag. Hopefully, after the necessary media circus comes to an end, he will enter a period of deep reflection, come to terms with his sexuality, and give priase to his God for bringing an end to his falsity and pernicious hypocrisy.

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Martha O'Connor said...

Very well stated, Damian. Have you read Carolyn Parkhurst's new book, LOST & FOUND? It features a married couple who have "recovered" from homosexuality via their church. They are participating on a reality TV show called LOST & FOUND. The husband, however... well I won't spoil it, but it Haggard read the book, I'm sure he could relate.

It's a shame some churches do not accept all children of God.

Damian McNicholl said...

Martha, thanks for the great comment and tip. I'll search it out.