Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A diagnosis

Last Friday, the reality of breast cancer hit very close to home because Lee of our very dear friends L&L got a call that a biopsy she'd had done the day before was positive.

Lynne rang to tell us and I could tell she was absolutely shocked on the phone. So Larry and I went over as they wanted to be with friends. Lee was there because she'd been told the news while at work and, of course, it put her through a loop and she had to come home and gather her thoughts.

Anyway, the cancer is pea-sized, is not the aggressive type, and she needs to seeboth an oncologist and breast surgeon in order to discuss treatment options. They're busy setting that up now, in addition to having a test done on her lymph node to ensure it has not yet spread to that area.

Thanksgiving is on Thursday and this year we've got something to be very thankful for in that Lee's being going for mammograms on a regular basis. Her last one was eight months ago and there was no cancer at that time, so this means she's only contracted the disease in the last months, which makes it much less dangerous and absolutely treatable.

She wishes me to say that going for your checkups really works. So to all women reading my blog, please go and have a mammogram done if you've been putting it off. To borrow a legal phrase: Time really is of the essence.

Another site for information

When her treatment begins, I'll have more posts.

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