Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who'll be President Round 1

Last night's debate was meant to be about foreign policy, which no one wanted to hear about because this time it really is "the economy, stupid."

I mean, without a healthy economy, we won't need to discuss foreign policy issues, right?


On balance, I'd say McCain came off a hair's breath better than Obama in that he did look more presidential than I'd thought he would. (Our expectations are that Obama does already look and behave presidential at all times, so that's why McCain gets the edge here.)

Rudeness award also goes to McCain who failed to make eye contact with Obama, nor did he exercise common courtesy in using his first name even on one occasion.

McCain failed to brand Obama as a greenhorn, his failure helped in part by the fact he could not pronounce the name of the Iranian and Pakistani presidents.

Obama failed to get his rebuttals across during the remaining moments of the 'five minute' open floor because he was behaving too gentlemanly. In a crucial debate, get your point across Mate or the people won't know. McCain was very effective in this strategy and Obama needs to become more assertive here.

Next up is Biden v Palin. That will be most interesting. Can't wait.

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