Monday, September 08, 2008

Twisted Agendas

They say if you wait long enough something you need comes. Well, boy is that true in this case.

I've been dissatisfied with the titles of my new novel. Each title I came up with was interesting but just didn't enthuse.

And yesterday, I went with Larry and friends to Longwood Gardens--the estate outside Philly that Pierre DuPont saved in 1909 from logging interests when the Quaker family who'd possessed it for 200 years decided to sell it--and it came to me while watching the fireworks and colorful fountain display in the evening. It may or may not have been my mulling of the twisted plans of loggers to ruthlessly cut down the magnificent 200 year old Tulip, Oak, American beech and Ginko trees.

TWISTED AGENDAS is its final name. Because that's really what it's about--the agenda of Derry's overbearing father, the agendas of Piper's dysfunctional parents, the agenda of old Mrs. Hartley against Julia and Derry, the agenda of the MI5 detectives.

So now I can rest. The title's found. And any prospective agent and publisher will hopefully love it.


ORION said...

Cool title.
and very cool cover...

damianm said...

Thanks, P.