Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rewriting, rewriting, rewriting

I'm busy with the rewrite of Unusual Steps (my second novel), in between being appointed to scour the internet for interesting ideas for flooring for our new house.

Unusual Steps is really no more. I've separated the novel into two parts and am now concentrating on the male protagonist's story. I'm having a good time as I'm developing people in the novel who had no point of view, but really 'demanded' one.

It's a slow process. Not the edit I first thought it would be when my UK publisher--The Friday Project--acquired the novel.

But hey, it makes life interesting and challenging and worth living and all those good things.


Scott Pack said...

Ha! Stop blogging and get re-writing!

Damian McNicholl said...

Good point, Scott

Georganna Hancock said...


If you can steal a few moments from the rewriting, I've tagged you. See


Georganna @ A Writer's Edge

Lane said...

Hi Damian!

Like a good publisher I have been diligently reviewing backlist titles, and came upon GABRIEL this morning. The fondest of memories ensued, and then to my delight I discovered that B&N has maintained an inventory model in 584 stores nationwide. Congrats to you, and me!

All the best,

Damian McNicholl said...


Will get to this in due course, though meme's aren't my secene either.

Damian McNicholl said...


That's great news. We had a great time getting Gabriel on the road and yes, congrats.