Wednesday, August 03, 2005

WBAI Pacifica Radio, NYC--99.5FM

For those blog readers living in and around NYC, this coming Monday, August 8th, beginning at 11.00 am, I'll be interviewed about A Son Called Gabriel on Pacifica Radio's Out/FM program by host Peter Jonas. The interview will be live from their offices overlooking the Hudson at the end of Wall St. Looking forward to it as I'm a big Pacifica radio fan. I don't know if it'll be archived but I'll find out, and if it is, I'll post an update.

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Anonymous said...

By real chance i happened to hear your interview,and was captivated! i have to say i since i was fortunate to listen, i will definately be buying your book . Bravo

Damian McNicholl said...

Thanks, anonymous. I've alos been informed by WBAI radio that the interview will be archived at the end of the week and can be played over the computer.