Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Helen Boyd's interview

At the Lambda Literary Award readings, I was most fortunate to meet and strike up a conversation with Helen Boyd whose book My Husband Betty published by Thunder's Mouth Press was a finalist in the transgender category. Helen is a fascinating woman, is married to a man who happens to crossdress, and her book explores the relations of these straight men and their female partners or wives.

Anyway, Helen read A Son Called Gabriel and liked it very much, said she didn't see the ending coming, and invited me to answer a few questions she had for her Five Questions with series.

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Spencer said...

Got the book yesterday love it so far! I wrote a little about on my blog.

Martha O'Connor said...

My book club is looking forward to discussing your book in September!

Damian McNicholl said...

Spence, I went to your blog and left a comment.

Damian McNicholl said...

Thank you to your book club for selecting it, Martha.