Thursday, May 05, 2005

Zipping off to DC

A SON CALLED GABRIEL is a finalist in the Lambda Literary Awards and I'm just about to leave for DC to read this evening at their Voices of Washington DC finalist reading. The event is free to everyone and begins 6:30 pm at the Goethe Institut located at 812 Seventh Street NW for any of you that live in DC and want to come along. There'll be nine writers reading from their work--five minutes each, so you won't get bored!--followed by a wine reception afterwards. Hope they'll feature some nice chardonnay!!

I graduated with a Mittel-Stufe diploma in German from the Berlin Goethe Institut yonks ago--when Berlin was still divided into East and West--and haven't been inside a Goethe Institut since I did a refresher course in London a few years later. So it should be a lot of fun though I promise not to get pissed (that's what we call inebriated on the other side of the pond) and start reading from 'Gabriel' in Deutsch. One thing I am looking forward to is that fellow Irishman Colm Toibin will be there reading from his award winning novel, THE MASTER.

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Dorothea said...

Ich gratuliere!

Damian McNicholl said...

Vielen Dank, Dorothea