Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terri Schiavo revisited

Patricia Heaton, actress, feminist, mother of four and I agree. Terri Schiavo's husband is behaving despicably. On telly last night, she said he's had girlfriends. So he's moved on with his life. Why can't he just bow out gracefully and let her parents look after her as they desperately wish to do? Is it machismo? Is it anger at her parents?

And the law continues to be an ass--a great big ass. We're living in the new millennium in the USA, in a civilized society, and we have a woman who's being deliberately deprived of her daily nutrition dying without dignity among us. No matter how it's dressed up, no matter how clinical the terms, the courts are permitting a woman to be STARVED to death before our very eyes. Why don't they proceed a step farther, stop this fiction that she's dying slowly and the courts are acting objectively, and order the hospice to administer a lethal injection? Spare us this excruciating spectacle. We Americans were outraged when the Iraqi insurgents beheaded innocent people. Where is our outrage now? Because this woman's entwined in the twilight world of a coma, because we're of the opinion she's a 'vegetable', could it be we're indifferent?

And last night, I had the misfortune to watch a Roman Catholic clergy man--a man who purports to represent the religion I was born into--mince words about the church's position on this public starving. He said the church does not view this as an issue of euthanasia; it's a question of removing her feeding tube and allowing her to die. Sidestepping the issue, just when one expects the church to do so. No surprises there. He's dead right, of course. It's not an issue of euthanasia. It's an issue of public execution.

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