Monday, March 21, 2005

Leaving the Dial-Up Age

I've done it. I've actually taken the plunge and subscribed to DSL and my old computer--the one I thought was on its last legs--is behaving like a young pup. It's whizzing me through to my favorite sites as fast as the old Concorde. Seems odd to use that analogy, but everything has its time.

I really don't know how I put up with dial-up service for the past two years. All that waiting and crunching sounds the computer's hard disk used to make. Now make no mistake, Dear Reader--very George Elliot, that is--my computer still makes the plinking and crunching sounds, but they're now so much perkier, so much more musical, and not at all worrisome anymore.

The only think I'm pissed about is that my Internet provider(read, the local phone Co.) has a monopoly in my area. I'm hostage because the pie's divided up by one or two companies in the countryside where I live--same for cable TV. So, while others across the road from my home pay $29.99 per month for DSL, I have to pay $39.99. That's a rip-off. I mean, this is America. What the hell happened to competition? I've taken note of this double standard in free-enterprise, 'American Dream' America. The principle of competition applies only when it suits; nor does it apply to tobacco, dairy and a bunch of other industries, either. Subsidies, subsidies, subsidies is the codeword. Screw the consumer is the mantra.

Anway, back to my young pup of a computer again so I can wind up on an upbeat note. I'm also very happy because I've downloaded a free software program that cleaned up my hard disk and removed all the pesky spyware programs, cookies and eavesdropping stuff that was slowing down my computer. (It's called Lavasoft for those that are interested, it's from Sweden, and I love it because I can scan my disk and it removes all the crap.) Best of all, as I said, it's free for home users. Three cheers for the Swedes.

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