Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Exciting Development

I will be reactivating this blog and am in the process of updating the information. Several years ago, I joined Facebook and Twitter and it was easier to post my goings on. However, new opportunities have arisen that compliment my writing career which I will announce next week. Stay tuned.


ronsondalby said...

Hi Damien,

I've just finished "A Son Called Gabriel" for the first time and enjoyed it as much as the first read. I contacted you a few years (I can't remember what email addressed I used then) about a sequel. If one novel alone calls out for a follow-up book, it's ASCG, something that's oft-menitioned in comments in reviews of the book by readers on Amazon and other places. All the very best, Ronson.

ronsondalby said...

"a few years ago", of course! :)

damianm said...

Hi Ronson, Thanks for your comment and so glad you enjoyed A Son Called Gabriel. Perhaps one day I shall write a sequel. Interestingly, my new publisher will republish Gabriel next year as an e-book and they've allowed me to change the ending, which is something I've long wanted to do. I just turned in the rewrite last week.

ronsondalby said...

Thanks for the reply, Damien. If you should have a notification list for the new e-book edition, please put me on it. I will most certainly buy a copy.

Cheers, Ronson (Australia)