Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chopping Wood and return of Hornet

A tree feel near our house last week as a result of the violent storms we've been having of late. I was up in the office and heard it crash on the ground.
So, when a tree falls in the forest--yes, it can be heard, Virginia.

Spent yesterday and today cutting it and chopping it into pieces for firewood. It felt really good to do that kind of exercise as opposed to working my ass off on an elliptical at the Y.

On the subject of the Y, it's looking brilliant as a result of its multi-million dollar facelift. My old nemesis, the Hornet, continues to ride rough shod and hog the latest equipment. She's working out too hard now and is looking like one of Tom Wolfe's Social X-Rays. Still as rude as ever. As I just finished a 50 min session on fat burner mode (yes, 50 mins) on my (and her) favorite elliptical, she approached as I was wiping down the machine. She got on, opened her magazine without even a thank you and then said "The floor has a lot of your sweat on it, too." She peered down at it bug-eyed.

I looked at it, looked at her, looked at it again. "Keep your voice down," I said. "The others'll be jealous if they find out." And off I walked to the hoots of laughter of a lady nearby.


a boy from another planet said...

Greetings Mr. McNicholl, I stumbled on your blog yesterday and I absolutely love it. I'm a 23 year old aspiring writer, currently finishing my first full length novel and I would love to hear you take on pursuers for publishers in New York City.

Thinks said...

Mr. McNicholl, I must confess it has been a while since I read your first book, but I loved it, and I intend to read it again soon. I'm very curious to hear that your in works to make a film adaptation of A Son Called Gabriel. I'm curious as to the progress of that endeavor? I'm excited that you're working towards a film adaption of a brilliant coming of age novel. Please, keep me in the loop. I must see this movie.

Damian McNicholl said...

Thanks for the notes on my blog. I'm a bit lazy about keeping it updated and tend to use Twitter.

Re BFAP -Best thing to do is first find an agent as they filter manuscripts for the publishing houses. Agent Query and Guide to Literary Agents are great sources to begin with. Match agents that represent your genre--lit fic, thriller, etc. and/or represent writers whose work is like yours--and then write a sizzling query letter. Go for email contact and query up and coming agents as they tend to be hungry.

Just realize it's really tough in publishing now and may take time, but it's possible if the writing is good and subject matter of wide appeal. It might just take time. Oh, and start sending short stories out to magazines as that's a great way to get noticed.

THINKS-thanks. I'll keep updating when there's any progress on that front.

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a boy from another planet said...

Thanks for the advice Mr. McNicholl.

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