Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goings on

I really haven't blogged for a while. Has blogging become an oxymoron?
I used to read blogs and now seldom do. Why? I don't have the time and so many blogs are rubbish.

Besides, I do 140 character updates on Twitter that uploads automatically to my Facebook and blog.

And any time I do have should be spent on writing related to my fiction.

Anyway, the good news is I just finished a short story which I sent off to Booktrust in the UK who run a short story competition in conjunction with the BBC. I'm sure there will be tons of entries and chances are very slim, but if you're not in you can't win. In any event, it got me writing fiction again which is important.

I've been working very hard on the screenplay of a Son Called Gabriel

And meanwhile my UK publisher is wanting to move on my second novel--which is great but will require more work.

Shouldn't complain. I'm not. Good to be busy.

And on top of that, I've just read that Primeminster David Cameron has apologized for the massacre on Bloody Sunday in 1972 in Derry. That is the proper thing to do. My Mum and Dad were at that march and my Mum returned with her knees all bloodied. She'd crawled along the streets as the bullets flew over her head. We kids were terrified when we saw her. You never think of your Mum and Dad being a passionate civil rights marcher


Anonymous said...

There seems to be a problem with you link to soncalledgabriel website. The reader is instead navigated to something entirely different.

I'm reading you book by the way, and will discuss it at reading group tonight.

Damian McNicholl said...

Thanks for the comment.

Actually, I don't maintain the soncalledgabriel website anymore.

Primary link is now through the blog.

Damian McNicholl said...

Hope you enjoy the book and the discussion at your group.