Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables

We made a sort of New Year resolution to cook 85% vegetarian to see how it goes. HAd tried the Fire Engine 2 diet which had a few great recipes. However, it was too restrictive in that food couldn't be cooked even in Olive oil.

So we decided to experiment, look around and find some great veggie recipes. And we found some including fragrant Indian and Thai dishes and a brilliant recipe for White Bean burgers.

So it's still on tract. Last time we tried wholly vegetarian we gave up dairy and now almost never have it. Sometimes a bit of cheese, but that's it.

Hardest thing so far is the wine--we've given it up for a few weeks. Let's face it nobody's ever going to lose weight and drink wine. It's sugar and it ain't happening.
No matter how you try to tell yourself you can still do it--it ain't happening.

First week without I had a headache. Now I just miss it.

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