Sunday, August 09, 2009

ABBA and a Russian couple

Go my ABBA and fireworks display fix last night at Longwood Gardens, the former home of Piere duPont which he then gave to the nation.

We didn't have the greatest view as we were underneath a beautiful sprawling Cypress tree due to arriving a little after 4 p.m. and finding many had already staked their claim--leaving rugs and other personal belongings on the benches.

The fountains--installed by duPont in the 20s were spectacular, lighting up in an array of rainbow colors in time to the frantic beat of Dancing Queen, Take A Chance on Me, etc. And then came the spectacular finale to Waterloo, the hit that brought ABBA to the world stage when they won the Eurovision contest.

Only downer of the evening was a run-in with a Russian couple at the cafe--it was packed and they made everyone wait while they argued with first the server and then the manager because they wanted to mix-and-match menu choices that weren't available to them at the price they wanted to pay. (It has to be said they also cut the line.)

Helpfully (or so I thought), I said, "I think you'd be best just picking from the choices allowed as the manager's pissed off at you and the line for food is getting very long."

The woman looked at me--vulpine face with ice-blue eyes and a slash serving as a mouth--and said "Shut Up."

At that, the server ignored them and moved on to me.

Moral of the tale: There are nice Russian tourists and then there are the others.


rainyday said...

Rude indeed. Are you on Facebook?

Damian McNicholl said...

Yes, on facebook rainyday.
at damian mcnicholl

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