Monday, July 27, 2009

On writing

Realized I haven't blogged for a bit.

Been very busy as I got some brilliant feedback on the new novel, now called THE MISSIONS OF NOAH YOUNG, that necessitated some major first chapter revisions.

One person who gave me the feedback said "Take everything I say as pure encouragement to struggle to get to something important." As this person is tres important in publishing world, I realize I'm lucky having his ear and am doing just that.

So it occupied my mind greatly.

Got a beautiful, beautiful email from a 17-year-old who'd read Gabriel and was profoundly moved. I really feel I've done my job when I get notes like that.
Guy comes from the bible belt, which makes it doubly satisfying.

My publisher didn't put any marketing dollars there because they thought they'd get no return. Glad a bookstore still has it on their shelves.


Anonymous said...

Well, it truly is an inspirational and beautiful book. I've made arrangements to have it shipped to a friend's home, so all I have to do now is earn some cash.

I can't wait for the next novel. You are a very talented author who has personally affected my life.

Yours Truly,
Chester Sellars

rainyday said...

I love that title.

hayat said...

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Anonymous said...

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