Wednesday, January 21, 2009


What a great day for the republic yesterday was.

What a delicious sight at the mall as over two million people gathered to weep with joy and celebrate and hope.

What a delicious sight to see a true middle class/working class family, an African American family with no wealth and privilege, move into the White House.

What a reminder of the fallibility of humankind to hear the Chief Justice flub the words of the oath of office and to see the President at first hesitate and also stumble...and how it brought smiles to even the most cynical.

And what an inspiring measured speech, one that let the people know he understood the people are hurting and change was going to come and America was immediately charting a different course to rectify the wrongs of the previous administration and would take its place as a leader in the civilized world, with the proviso that leadership is earned not automatically given.

And then came the executive order that implementation of all Bush executive orders given in last few days were to be 'frozen'. A standard policy, but still satisfying.
The first grain of sand passing through the neck of the newly turned egg timer.

Of course, the usual laments are in abundance today, that the President was short in information about how he would finance such an ambitious agenda.

Is that the purpose of an inaugural speech? I think not.

And the greedy reckless ones in Wall Street panicked and let the Dow fall by the largest number of points in any Presidential inauguration.

Maybe it was fear that the day of reckoning is nigh.

What a wonderful day for the restored democracy.


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