Saturday, December 06, 2008

Getting a grip

Yesterday we learned 500,000 people lost their jobs in November. And that the December figure will also be enormous. There's even talk that the unemployment figure will be over 3,000,000 by June 09.

Not good. There's going to be a lot of hardship.

But, on the other hand, the economy needs to realign--reinvent itself, even.

Isn't over-consumption also a blight?

WHY do we need to change our cars every two years, or buy the latest kitchen and electronic gadgets?

Maybe we need to let GM, Chrysler and Ford go bankrupt.

They've been arrogant, employed armies of lawyers to sue in state courts when states like California wanted to reduce emissions and clean our air. They fought the EPA.
They made the ridiculous Hummer for ridiculous customers.

WHY can't we get our washing machines and TVs repaired like they did in prior generations?

I burst out laughing the other day when I heard an airhead mother complain on the telly that her family have to cut back--they'd have to buy cheaper groceries and clothing and stop going to Borders and Barnes and Noble.
Hey, cancel your cable bill and throw away the cell phone plans--it's becoming more apparent they cause cancer of the brain anyway. Let your kids read. Encourage them to play outside instead of becoming obese couch potatoes.

WHY can't we use cash more often than we use credit cards and stop lining the pockets of MasterCard and Visa?

WHAT'S wrong with saving some of our money so we don't saddle the next generation and the next with our wanton debt?

Aren't we supposed to go green?
Going green involves sacrifice and true responsibility.
It means less Mercedes, Landrovers and Rangerovers and more compact cars. Europeans get it.
Is anyone really impressed by large or expensive cars nowadays?
I don't believe so.
Well, maybe the gullible or noveau riche.

'Let's get a grip' should be the motto.

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