Tuesday, October 21, 2008


At home with my family during this difficult time, I have been watching the American election campaign from a distance. My parents have Sky and I am obliged to watch the Fox News.

Until now, I had heard and read about how bigoted Fox News is. We have a local Fox station in the States, but it is not prejudiced and covers local issues. They are not considered one of the major networks.

I have been stunned by the blatant anti-Obama and Democratic Party rhetoric that is occurring at this station. And deliberate mis-information and skewed polls are being fed the audience, more so now that Obama is beginning to surge in the polls. Moreover there is NO attempt at journalistic or editorial impartiality--Geraldine Ferraro is their only token democrat of any repute and she tries her best to give the Democratic opinion against the snide comments of anchors.

Shame on Fox News. I am disgusted to the cusp of anger. A day of reckoning is due from the regulators they so hate.

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