Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dara Torres

Congratulations to Olympic champion Dara Torres who, in my opinion, represents the best of what contemporary America represents. In a very generous act, she approached an umpire before her semifinal heat and asked her to delay the race because one of her competitor's swimsuit had ripped and she needed to change. And what an exemplary show of sportsmanship when she lost in the final by 100th of a second--it was amazing to watch the 41 yar old cross her lane and congratulate the German winner.

This is what America is about--not the absurd and possessed people leading this country today, nor the greedy Wall Street investment banker s or "Captains of Industry" send this country down the tubes.

While I congratulate Michael Phelps--himself, an all-round balanced guy it appears--I say, put Dara on the Wheaties box for kids to admire and give her speaking engagements.


Debra Hamel said...

On the other hand.... Well, I don't follow the Olympics at all and couldn't care less, frankly, and I know that there are a lot of badly behaved people in the world. But on the other hand, it really shouldn't be an extraordinary thing when an Olympian like Dara displays what I would call common courtesy. Are the rest of them just spoiled egotists? This is how people *should* behave.

Anyway, I hope you're well, Damian!

Damian McNicholl said...

Thanks for the comment, Debra.
Hope your summer's going well.