Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy Cows

I don't often comment on commercials, but one that's really made me laugh out loud is the latest California Cheese Board commercial.

It features two Fresians sitting in the barn discussing what they're going to do after they get up. In the background we hear a rooster crow.
"Shall we get an early start on the alfalfa field in the back?" one of the cows says.
The other cow is still not keen to rise yet and looks annoyed at the rooster.
The rooster struts into the barn and crows.
The relaxed cow says to her mate it's too early to get up yet. "Hit the snooze button."

Immediately we see the rooster shoot out the barn door and crash into the mail box. He picks himself up with as much dignity as he can and walks away.
The two cows go back to dozing as the slogan states.

"Great cheese comes from happy cows
Happy cows come from California."

Very funny. It's on You Tube, I think.

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