Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Running on empty

Okay, admit it. We all fear running out of gas when we see the red hand inch over and touch the tip of the 'E' for Empty on the fuel gauge.

We know there's a few miles left, but how much exactly?

Can we risk traveling another five miles, another ten miles, another fifteen in hopes of happening upon a gas station.

Apparently, Empty does not mean empty--at least not in the States. Automobile manufacturers know that Americans like a buffer. They like to feel secure that, when the dial shows Empty, there's a few more miles left before they totally run out. So, in the US, when a car reads empty, there's anything from fifteen to even fifty miles worth of road eating left.

Germans, on the other hand, demand their car fuel gauges reflect reality. So, if your car registers Empty and you're on the fast lane of the Autobahn, pull over to the shoulder and hope they put an empty gas can in the trunk.

Not sure what the British or Irish preference is, but probably more like the Germans.

Here's a website to check out what your cars threshold is

Tank on Empty

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