Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Food for thought

I watched an interesting segment on telly last night where a chap sets up situations to see how the general public will react. One of the scenarios involved a trip to the Bronx where he began to spray-paint graffiti on a wall to see if some of the neighborhood residents would get angry and stop him or call the police. No one did. Some chaps even offered to help.

More disturbing was his visit to two bars, one at NJ shore and the other in Manhattan. At the NJ pub, he chats to a couple of thirtyish chaps, points out an attractive woman in the crowd (his accomplice), tells them he wants to have sex with her and is going to 'roofie' her. They laugh energetically. He behaves as if he's adding something to her drink in their presence, hands her the drink and fifteen minutes later leaves with her. On his return half-an-hour later, the guys crowd around him and he tells her he's had his way with her and left her to sleep under a pier. Three of them laugh and congratulate him and one tells him he's going to go and get her as he doesn't mind 'sloppy seconds'. A few minutes later, the camera watches him looking under the piers for the sleeping girl, allegedly under the pretext he wants to check if she was okay. Hmmmm!.

He finds no upright men in NYC either. There, a herd of twenty-something chaps laugh, slap him on the back when he tels them he's had sex with his victim and they admit they've always wanted to 'roofie' a girl.

"Whatever it takes," one of them says as he slaps the 'assailant's' back. "Whatever it takes."

They also admit they'd do it if they knew how to get the pills, to which he offers to supply them and they eagerly give him their cell numbers so he can contact them. Two gave him false numbers, but one--a reptilian looking chap--gave him his legit number.

Have young men become so predatory, so hard-assed, so criminal of mentality? Have they got no respect for women, regard them merely as meat to satiate their thrusting penises? Or did the chap making the documentary ask lots of chaps in the bar and some walked away. The fellow making the documentary didn't say if any men walked away and I feel sure he would have had it occurred, which makes me conclude he met far more men willing to be complicit in rape. If so, God help society, young women in particular.


Mike Davis said...

I'd like to hope the producers decided to withhold info on people who didn't bite, to increase the shock of the negative results.

I remember getting the snot knocked out of me on two separate occasions, for stepping in when a woman appeared to be on the wrong end of an agressive male's sexual demands.

the first time, several other men stood watching and left me to it but the second time I was assisted by a couple of bystanders.

I hope these kind of people are still out there somewhere, or we're all screwed!

kirsten said...


can you remember what show this was? I have been trying to find video of this ALL over?



Damian McNicholl said...


It was a guy who does security and safety segments for ABC--he's Hispanic or Italian--and it was a one-off special they gave him. I can't remember his name, unfortunately.