Friday, February 23, 2007

Miss Julip pays her fine

Overheard between two ladies as I waited in line at the main post office in New Orleans while waiting to mail a birthday card to my Mum in Northern Ireland. I think it's so cute the way Southerners are still so formal, regardless as to race or class or how long they know each other.

Miss J: "Howdy Miss Nelson, I not seen you for long time. A long time."

Miss N (older): "I've been busy working Miss Julip."

Miss J: "I thought you be retired."

Miss N: "I be in two years Miss Julip. Two years more."

Miss J: "Me not ready to retire yet. No sir." At this point, Miss Julip starts trying to stuff what appears to be a summons into a lurid orange official envelope. "Lordie, this thing don't want to go inside."

Miss N: She runs her eye over the envelope, then at me. She laughs. "Maybe that a sign, Miss Julip."

Miss Julip: She laughs, too. "Lordie, I don' pay, they come after me and my wheels, Miss Nelson. Lordie, I not know what to do without my wheels."

Miss N. "Hmm mmm. I hear you. Hmm mmm. Lordie, transport in this town..." She looks over at a woman writing on a package and shakes her head sagely. "It's bad, very bad."

The line moves forward. "Miss Julip: "Well, I 'spect I be seeing you soon, Miss Nelson."

Miss N: "I 'spect so. You take care now hear."

More tales from The Big Easy and my cruise to follow


Carol Gee said...

See how incomplete your trip to the Big Easy would have been if you had confined yourselves to merely strolling the French Quarter.
You captured the dialogue so well. Lovely.

Ron said...

Sorry but my comment is off-topic. :-)

I didn't know you had a blog, Damian, and I am so glad I came across it this morning.

I wrote to you once to let you know how much I enjoyed A Son Called Gabriel which was in my top books of 2006 list..

A Son Called Gabriel is one those rare books that I am sorry to get to the end of and which makes me hope that one day we will see a sequel.

Damian McNicholl said...

Thanks Carol

Damian McNicholl said...

Ron, I'm glad you found the blog.
I appreciate you liked the novel enough to make it a top books of 2006 pick.

Thanks for the comment