Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel Gibson: In vino veritas

Mel Gibson (and his father) would appear to be hypocrites and I am saddened that they have some Irish blood coursing through their veins. I've often wondered how Gibson reconciles the violence and darkness in his movies--especially the Mad Max series--with his current pious, right wing attitudes. Moreover, they cannot legitimately call themselves Roman Catholics as they practice a form of Catholicism--including, I understand, the celebrating of the mass in Latin--that is no longer countenanced by the Church of Rome. In other words they have in a way voluntarily excommunicated themselves from the official Catholic church, if you will. (I doubt of the Pope will go public and confirm that, though.) Gibson is, I understand, building his own Catholic Church in Malibu at a cost of 4 million dollars.

I believe Gibson is also bigoted--he made outlandish and gross statements about homosexuals on Spanish TV a few years ago. He has many children and I feel sorry for any child of his who, later in life, may find he or she is growing up homosexual or different in any other significent and unorthodox way.

With regard to the claim of anti-semitism, I feel I need only refer to a maxim of the ancient Romans. In vino veritas is the maxim, which translates as 'Truth in wine.' The Romans knew of what they spoke.

It is laughable to watch Gibson backtrack and apologize. I must say galloping off to an alcohol treatment center is a bit of a cliche, even by Hollywood standards. He sounds like an old woman trying to get all her sins expunged in confession. Mea aculpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. These shrill acts of contrition are nothing other than slick PR counselling at its most ridiculous. If he truly wants to repent, perhaps then his apology and offer should be backed with the commitment to give a very large part of his net worth to the Bill Gates Foundation or some other charity.

Time will tell the quality of his repentance.

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