Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Aristocrats, fundamentalists and cemetary Sundays

Well, I'm now returned and almost recovered from a bout of tonsillitis that started on the day of my departure from London. Pennsylvania is awash with, er, crap rain which makes my return from England and Ireland all the more depressing because I had nothing but glorious weather. I met glorious people and really love England and Ireland and am missing being there a lot currently.

Croatia was a hoot, as was Montenegro--the latter all the more so because I was there when the population voted for independence from Serbia. As time goes by, I'll likely share some anecdotes from the trip, including my encounters on an EasyJet flight to Split with a Brit aristocrat who'd bought himself a wonderful present to celebrate his divorce and with a Croatian priest whose entire family (10) had been wiped out when he was an eight-year-old boy by General Tito and how he'd been saved only because he hid in a well, hearing two car accidents near my parents home in Ireland--one involving a fatality--cemetary Sunday a la Irish style, and experiences shared with some wonderful people hailing from Colorado, Texas and San Fran, etc.

I will add at this point that I am now settling into writing a new nonfiction book as well as doing more lawyering--both of which I should have been doing more of when I was blogging--and thus my blogs will be less frequent and long. Accordingly, should you want to keep up with the blog, I'd suggest you add me to your RSS feeds and that system will prompt you when something new from me "your way comes."

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Kayo Kid said...

I've met some very nice people on planes, but I tend to meet people who like to hear themselves talk. Luis and I are going to Ireland (pretty much all of it) in August for 10 days. If you can think of any must-sees, let me know.

Damian McNicholl said...

Let me think about that and get back