Thursday, February 09, 2006

MSNBC story

Recently, I was contacted by reporter Alex Johnson for a story he was doing for MSNBC. I thought you might enjoy reading Nurturing a community in the online world and you can also listen to a snippet of my interview with him into the bargain.

(I see he included a pic, the one with a full body photo of our Cockerpoo which was taken at the time my book's hard cover was being prepared. I'm so glad I had this taken because the doggie's now very old and unable to walk very far and, quite honestly, others would probably have had their old pets in similar condition put to sleep by now. But he's not in any pain and so, the Irish RC part of my psyche that consistently comes to the fore when death and disease issues raise their ugly heads, will not allow me to have him euthanized just for the sake of my own convenience.)

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