Saturday, October 08, 2005


It's been a difficult week because my doggie, Spice, is getting on and is now unable to stand up. His back legs are shot currently. I feel very sad. There's nothing beautiful about getting really old, either for dogs or humans. So I'm taking him to the vet today to see if steroids will help.

And I was running about like a lunatic to and fro 215Festival. I'll post my doings there very soon.
Philadelphia Stories interviewed me for their Fall did the literary ezine VOID Magazine. If you'd like to read the interviews, just click on their URLs' on my blog's sidebar on the righthandside.


Dorothea said...

Hi Damian,

So sorry to hear about Spice's problem. I hope the vet will be able to help.

I never told you how much I enjoyed reading your book.
I recall the one part in which you describe Gabriel learning to swim. His father was trying to teach him how to float. I will quote the passage:
"When he held me in his arms, that was every bit as magical as learning how to do it. He put his hands under my tummy, I was dead surprised it didn't tickle but supposed that was because of the cold water, and held me up and told me to paddle like a dog. The sight of my paddling made him laugh. I'd never heard Daddy laugh so loudly about anything I'd ever done. All around me was suddenly beautiful: the sparkling water, the laughing people.......... "
I so love the way you describe that moment of pure happiness.

andrea said...

Dear Damian,
sorry if I bother you here, not the fair place, but I dind't find another address. I am an italian publisher of a new publishing house called Playground ( Can I ask you the email of your agent?
Andrea Bergamini

Damian McNicholl said...

Many thanks, Dorothea. I appreciate that and we'll see what this week brings for Spice.

Damian McNicholl said...

Hi Andrea,
Thank you very much for your inquiry.
The name of the agent handling foreign rights to my novel is Daniel Greenberg at Levine Greenberg Literary Agency in NYC. His email is: also copy his assistant Elizabeth Fisher at
The tel no. is 212.337-0934 x271.
They will be able to help you. I will also pass on your message to them.

starbender said...

It is hard to watch or loved ones get old!

Reet said...

As someone who has been 'owned' by pets all my life, I am all too familiar with your situation with Spice. It is terribly painful to see our friends suffer. However, they have more grace about their age/health issues than we and are much kinder to us regarding the decisions we are forced to make. I pray that you, Larry and Spice will be at peace with whatever comes.

Sinéad said...


Give Spice a belly scratch and my best wishes for a speedy recovery. If anything happened to my dog Disco Fred, I'd be gutted. He's such an integral part of our house that I couldn't imagine it without him, he's quite a personality.

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