Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Merger

My publisher CDS Books is an arm of the large independent book distributor Client Distribution Services and they were bought recently by the large independent publisher Perseus Group which has many imprints including the fiction one called Counterpoint. Currently, CDS Books and Perseus have begun their merger which will be completed in two months or so.

As with all mergers, some people leave and others arrive. I was very sorry to learn that Aron Epstein at my publisher will leave at the end of this week because he played an invaluable part in the recent release of my paperback edition, specifically in the marketing, publicity and even jacket design. It was Aron who worked with the jacket's designer to make it one of the best I've seen in a long time (of course it's my book and I'm biased, but the favorable comments I've received have been too frequent for my remark to be based merely on bias) and is certainly one that is making readers pick it up and purchase it in stores, particularly the chains currently.

So I would like to thank Aron from the bottom of my heart, both for his professionalism and friendship; every first author should be so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with so dedicated and generous a person. I wish him much luck for the future.

At the same time I'd also like to thank Lane Jantzen and Elizabeth Whiting who believed absolutely in my novel and worked so diligently to get it positioned in the "New in Paperback" tables at Barnes and Noble and Borders respectively. Now that I am published, I know how cut-throat it is among publishers to get their authors books at the front of the store and keep them there for a period and I am very humbled that my little book has enjoyed and is enjoying exposure in those coveted spots. I also wish to thank Kate Greder who is working tirelessly with book clubs and other programs on the current marketing of my novel. I wish them a smooth transition during the merger and continued happiness and fun in their positions.

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Susan Henderson said...

I'm enjoying your blog, Damien! Got you bookmarked now.

Damian McNicholl said...

Happy to hear that, Susan, and thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

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