Thursday, February 16, 2017

A lovely review

Here's what Joan Schweighardt, author of THE ACCIDENTAL ART THIEF said about my new novel: Damian McNicholl, The Moment of Truth (Pegasus, 2017) Feminism was a seedling in the 1950s, and it might have shriveled and died altogether if so many women had not ventured outside the home during World War II to replace the men who’d gone off to fight. Postwar, most of these women were happy to return to domestic life, but there was no denying that they’d gained something out there doing “men’s jobs,” a kind of spunk their daughters would inherit, with or without any coaching. In Damian McNicholl’s new novel (due in June, available for preorder) Kathleen Boyd, a young art student in Texas, finds herself caught in the crosswinds of the seemingly tranquil 1950s. On the one hand, a traditional future is unfolding before her eyes; on the other, she finds she has an overwhelming desire to become a matador, fighting the bulls across the border in Mexico. This novel, based on true events, is beautifully rendered, as elegant and as exhilarating as the art of bullfighting itself.—JS Thank you Fivedirectionpress for the review and check out other great books.


Lois Letchford said...

Looks good. I look forward to reading it! Recently read Twisted Agenda, and look forward to your next book. Lois

M. Damian McNicholl said...

Thanks, Lois. I appreciate this.